Program Requirements

Program Requirements


We are so glad you’ve shown interest in joining our battalion! Below, you will find the requirements of joining our battalion and requirements you must fulfill to maintain your position while with us. We strive to develop our midshipmen mentally, morally, and physically in order to commission them as motivated naval officers.

Entry-Level Requirements

  1. U.S Citizenship, a Naturalized U.S Citizen, or in the process of becoming a Naturalized U.S Citizen.
    • Scholarship selectees must be a U.S Citizen or obtain their citizenship and activate their scholarship within the first academic year after the offer begin date listed in their notification letter. Retroactive benefits will not be approved for selectees delaying scholarship activation due to lack of citizenship.
    • Applicants with dual citizenship may apply and activate their scholarship. However, they must renounce their citizenship and passport to their other country in order to continue Navy ROTC.
  2. 17 years or older and younger than 23 by September 1st of the year starting college. They must not reach their 27th birthday upon commissioning and graduation.
    • Applicants with prior military service are eligible for an age adjustment, where the extension of the requirement equals their prior service month-by-month, with a maximum of 36 months. They must not reach their 29th birthday upon commissioning.
  3. No criminal record of military or civil offenses pending or federal convictions.
  4. High school graduation or equivalency certificate by August 1st of year of entrance.
  5. No moral obligations or personal convictions that prevent an individuals participance of bearing arms, supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic.
  6. Medically qualified by Navy or Marine Corps standards.
  7. No piercings or tattoos that violate Navy or Marine Corps policy.
  8. Must be within Navy or Marine Corps height/weight standards.
  9. You may start the process of applying during the second semester of your junior year of high school.
    • Before the application can be finalized and considered for selection, you must ensure a copy of your complete transcript (including your entire junior year) is forwarded to your recruiter.
    • For those who will graduate before or during the application period, you must provide complete 9th thru 12th grade high school transcripts.
    • If you have attended college, or plan on attending college in the fall of the application period, you must submit all college transcripts including the completed fall term of the application period.
  10. Active duty Navy applicants are ineligible to apply for Navy ROTC program through COMNAVCRUITCOM. Active members of other branches of the military may apply if granted a conditional release. Individuals who are scheduled for boot camp may apply provided they complete all required application evolutions (i.e. officer interview, etc.). Applicants shall not ship to Boot Camp RTC prior to notification of selection or non-selection.  Applicants who chose to ship to Boot Camp prior to selection/non-selection notification must notify NSTC (OD2), in writing, that they wish to withdraw their application.
  11. Marine Option Only: Students enrolled as freshman in a 4-year University or college are not eligible for the Four-Year National scholarship. It is recommended that these students contact the Professor of Naval Science to discuss other scholarship opportunities.
  • Applicants may join NROTC as a college programmer without the national scholarship at any time during the academic year.
    • So long as the applicant submits all required transcripts and medical documents before the upcoming semester, they will receive the UIUC Illinois Tuition Waiver (distributed per semester). College programmers are treated the same as scholarship midshipmen, except they do not receive the same financial aid, attend summer training, or incur any service commitment.

Post-Entry Requirements

  1. Complete the Naval Science and Specified courses required by the state of Illinois for Marine and Navy options.
    • Complete the required Naval Science courses, typically consisting of one class per semester.
    • Complete the NS 100 Leadership Laboratory course, designed to teach close order drill for each Naval ROTC student. This full-year course is required of all midshipmen for all 4 years.
    • Complete the Illinois specified College Program Students’ courses, including one-year of college-level study in mathematics and physical science. Mathematics must be at the level of college algebra or higher. The mathematics requirement must be complete by the end of junior year and physical science by the end of senior year.
  2. Navy options will receive no lower than an Excellent low overall, and no lower than a Good High in individual events when taking the Physical Readiness Test, given every semester. Marine options will receive no lower than a 265 overall and have less than a 24-minute run on the 3 mile. Failure to do such will result in joining in our Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP).

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